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Piedmont Floor

A Message to Our Customers


Piedmont Floors is committed to doing our part to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and the best way to do that is to limit contact with others and time spent in public places. Therefore, we are temporarily limiting access to our showroom and are altering how we ship and receive materials. We will remain open unless circumstances dictate otherwise and will do business as follows:

To gain access, call 1-434-316-5985.

We will open our showroom by appointment to those who can honestly answer no to these questions.

· Has anyone in your home traveled or been in contact with anyone who has in the last 14 days?
· Have you or anyone in your home had a respiratory infection, fever, cough or sore throat in the last 14 days or been in contact with anyone with these symptoms?
· In the last 14 days has anyone in your home had contact with anyone under investigation for Coronavirus or are ill with a respiratory illness?
· Has anyone visited your home in the last 14 days who is from a community where the coronavirus is present and spreading?

During this period, we will be practicing social distancing and only staff will be allowed to handle samples. We will be glad to remove them from our displays and to the floor etc for you to view and evaluate. We encourage you to visit our web site: and take advantage of our “Shop at Home” service. Be advised that our store hours may be reduced at some point as well.

This same criteria will be used to determine where we send our installation crews and estimators.

Our sincere hope is that by following these guidelines and those set forth by our government, we can help slow the spread and speed up the recovery from this unprecedented crisis.

Thank You for your Cooperation and your Support!